Swelling, pain, difficulty in movements, pain in knee joints are the symptoms of arthritis.


Eating of potatoes, tubour items.

Caused due to nature of job.


Due to lack of Synovial fluid.

Rheumatic fever in young stage also causes arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Throat infection.

Chest pain.

Pain in limbs when hurted / injured.

Pains all over the body and knee joints

Swelling that is caused in knee joints, femoral region, etc.


Synovial fluid that is present in between bones & knee joints gets dried easily thereby causing pain. Day by day there are also chances of swelling in affected areas.

T.B Arthritis

Coolness of body in evening time leading to fever.

Body becoming very weak.

Cough & wheezing.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Through RA factor rheumatoid arthritis is found out and treatment is given.

Treatment is also given for other type of knee pains.



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